Bennie Purrie : Nigeria's first luxury sport car

A story of Zeal, Passion and knowledge together with team work put into use, birthed Bennie Purrie.

Bennie Autos is an automobile manufacturing company that is currently on research & development on making luxury auto vehicles from alternative materials. The materials and engineering of these vehicles are majorly within the shores of Nigeria. On the 28th of November 2019, Bennie Autos unveiled it's first model called the Bennie Purrie. It's a demo live model of one of it's designs that was made of fibre glass, has a 2.0L 200bhp engine going 0-120kmph in 12secs. Bennie Autos takes a different approach to the technical design, material choice and aesthetic appeal of their motor vehicles. The debut model is designed to change the impression about Nigerian made vehicles and put Nigeria on the list of supercar manufacturers in the world.

Here's a highlights documentary on the process to making Nigeria's first luxury sport car
Manufactured in Jos, Plateau by my team of young engineers at bennieautomobile.

Les bonnes affaires à saisir 👉


Les bonnes affaires à saisir 👉

Les bonnes affaires à saisir 👉


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